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Crash test results are in and T5 EVO has got five-star safety rating

On June 16, 2021, China Automotive Technology and Research Center released the new round of C-NCAP crash test results, and the Forthing T5 EVO won the five-star title with its excellent safety quality facing the stringent crash test standards. The Forthing T5 EVO has been tested in 100% frontal rigid barrier crash test, whip test, side crash test, 40% frontal bias crash test, pedestrian protection test and AEB automatic brake test respectively. The Forthing T5 EVO has excelled in passenger protection, pedestrian protection, active safety and other tests with its core strength. In the same batch of test model results are also among the best.

In the face of the C-NCAP's very strict crash test, the Forthing T5 EVO achieved 65.531 points in occupant protection, with a score rate of 93.62%, fully reflecting the Forthing T5 EVO's deep expertise in body structure design and material selection.

Enabled by the technology of supercube EMA architecture, the Forthing T5 EVO is developed with the more stringent C-NCAP 21 version five-star collision safety design. The front anti-collision beam is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, and the section is a "mesh" shaped closure mechanism, which can effectively disperse the impact force at the collision center, while the lower part of the front longitudinal beam extends to the whole lower part of the front floor. And the upper seat beam form a high-strength cockpit skeleton, so that the collision kinetic energy is quickly dispersed to all parts of the body to prevent the body deformation, and minimize the damage of frame deformation to the occupant.

Moreover, the Forthing T5 EVO body high strength steel application ratio can reach 76%, the yield strength is more than 1200Mpa, can be described as nuclear submarine yield strength level. The popular T5 EVO uses advanced thermoforming technology in A pillar reinforcement, B pillar reinforcement, door collision beam, front floor central passage, front coaming lower beam and other parts, and the tensile strength of parts reaches 1500MPa. In specific test projects, the Forthing T5 EVO maximizes body architectural integrity even in the event of a crash, preventing cockpit deformation from encroachment on crew space.

If comprehensive crash testing reflects the safety of the T5 EVO's exterior structure and materials, active safety testing is the standard test of the T5 EVO's intelligent safety strength. The T5 EVO is equipped with mobileye's top visual perception chip, and 17 sensors in all aspects without blind Angle monitoring, making the intelligence one step ahead.

In the active safety test, the Forthing T5 EVO underwent ESC vehicle stability test and AEB automatic emergency braking test respectively. In the ESC project test, the Forthing T5 EVO received a full score of 4 with the latest generation ESP from world-class supplier Bosch, demonstrating excellent stability in extreme driving conditions. In AEB project tests, the popular T5 EVO also demonstrated the ability to brake automatically on the car/person. In reality, the main cause of many traffic accidents is that drivers do not take the brake in time. Therefore, AEB function has been formally included in the safety evaluation procedures of C-NCAP since 2018. In the AEB test program, the AEB feature of T5 EVO uses sensors such as millimeter-wave radar to detect the environment in front of the vehicle in real time. This data is used to calculate the collision situation. When the car senses an impending collision, it automatically activates the braking system to avoid or reduce a collision. T5 EVO achieved 13.693 points in the active safety evaluation, 91.29% score rate.

Pedestrian protection is also an important part of safety testing because pedestrians are vulnerable to serious leg and head injuries in collisions with vehicles, and can cause secondary injuries by running under vehicles if they are unable to stand or fall.

Forthing T5 EVO in order to protect the safety of pedestrians, in the front of the car body leg protection beam installation, using advanced simulation technology, the reasonable design crus protection beam structure, the main body section for "O" type and bending into arc, can effectively protect in low-speed collisions for pedestrians, and the important parts of the car before hold play a protective role. The Forthing T5 EVO got a perfect score of 3 for the protection of the layman‘s legs.

In addition to the protection of the pedestrian's leg, the protection of the head is also an important part of passive pedestrian protection. The Forthing T5 EVO's bonnet is made of soft material, and the headlights and body accessories do not have acute angles, thus reducing the pedestrian head injury index. The Forthing T5 EVO also achieved a score of 7.121 for the effect of head protection on the layman, providing meticulous safety protection for pedestrians.

As we all know, C-NCAP is the first systematic evaluation standard of automobile safety established by China Automotive Research And Development Co., LTD. The test type is comprehensive, strict and difficult, which can let people intuitively see the safety factor of a car. In the face of such a strict C-NCAP test, the Forthing T5 EVO frontal hard "steel", fearless, won the five-star evaluation, super high safety strength is worthy of user trust.
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