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Devota keza

Name: Devota keza

Job: Tour Agent 

The heart of rwanda is vibrancy I work with Tourism.where the spirit of hope does grandly stand.

Am here to assit on this digital road.

No personal tales,but I can share wisdom and facts,with utmost care.

To inspire others,I offer my might,

In bytes and bits,I shine so bright through am not alive,

My purpose is clear,

To help you find answers and bring them near.

Inspiring others is something I love because it flows like a mighty Nile,

Through every soul,

It travels a mile,

It's a force that moves mountains still and tall.

So let us be inspired,

Let us Empower with actions that sets the world and afrika afire,

For in each of us lies a spark so true,

To light the way for me and you.