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Event Review | New Forthing brand's first new car——T5 EV0 is launched

On March 22th 2021, new Forthing brand's first new car ——T5 EVO officially listed. With the important mission of driving the brand with products and helping "Brand upward, Brand take-off", T5 EVO is full of sincerity and is determined to become the pioneer of Chinese trendbrand SUV. Although the launch conference has come to an end, there is no need to feel regret for missing the live streaming. This article reviews the highlights and brings you back to the cool carnival.

Part 1 Trends defined by myself

In Liuzhou's largest amusement park —— Karle planet joy world, is brewing the popular T5 EVO listed cool carnival night.

With the opening of the street dance to bombass the audience, the launch of the party's heavyweight figure on the liuzhou city standing Committee, executive vice mayor - Hou Gang delivered a speech and  gave high hopes for the popular T5 EVO new car launch, expected it to become the first choice of young people fashion car.Zeng Qinglin, general Manager of DongFeng liuqi Passenger Car Sales Company, made a speech at the opening ceremony to welcome car owners, media and guests, announcing the official start of the event and inviting the chief Experience officer. This is a carnival for car owners.

Accompanied by stunning BGM, two T5 Evos in different colours - Bauchinia pink and Aurora green - took a lap of glory under a rocking light show.Then the big screen lit up, flashing the words "Trendy SUV Pioneer."This pair of the trendiest couple car models directly will be the scene atmosphere again high.

But tonight it's all about the car owners.Accompanied by a video featuring lifestyle trends on a large screen, five car owners, dressed in colorful, cool hoodies, riding in the creative national tide wind painting car, brought us a fashion runway show.

Part 2  Start right away!

The climax of the carnival comes as 500 drones soar into the sky with everyone watching.The words in the night sky gradually become clear, "Bauhinia, I love Liuzhou, I love T5 EVO".

At last came the grand finale.The highly anticipated T5 EVO product spokesperson, JikeJunYi(Momoko), stepped into the spotlight by a bauhinia pink T5 EVO. She sang the theme song "Colored Black," which expresses T5 EVO's attitude, and said that she loves Forthing and Liuzhou beef hotpot.

The beautiful party will end. Leaders, chief experience officer, 5 cool car owners and Forthing T5 EVO product spokesperson Momoko shouted "Forthing T5 EVO" slogan and took a group photo together. No matter the activities or the atmosphere of the scene, we can feel the wave of the carnival night, as well as the cool attitude of Forthing spread to the world. It's finally here!! T5 EVO is a fashionable car for contemporary young people, and also a key to start a new fashion life.