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Judith Gatesi

Name: Judith Gatesi

Job: architecture

Growing up, I dreamt of designing buildings, but architecture felt like a boys' club. Despite my family's support, whispers of "isn't that a man's job?" planted a seed of doubt.

At UR, surrounded by men and history books filled with male architects, I felt like an imposter.  The first few weeks were isolating. Yet, a shift came with the projects. The classroom transformed from theory to creation. Working with classmates, both male and female, a sense of camaraderie blossomed. We brainstormed, debated solutions, and learned from each other. This collaboration empowered me. I realized architecture wasn't just about the final product, but the joy of the process.

Now, a fifth-year student, I'm no longer a girl with a dream, but a confident architect. Each project is a step towards breaking barriers. We, the young women architects of Rwanda, are empowered to leave our mark on the city, one inspired design at a time.