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Louise Benimana

Name: Louise Benimana

Job: Administrative Assistant

The office hums, a busy beehive, But calmly at the center, you thrive. An administrative whiz, you see, The heart that keeps things running smoothly.

Calls are fielded, calendars planned, Meetings set, a guiding hand. Emails tamed, a tireless flow, Ensuring deadlines come and go.

A master of details, never missed, From travel plans to files you've kissed With order's touch. A smile so bright, You greet each face, and set things right.

More than tasks, you bring such grace, A friendly voice, a helpful space. You oil the wheels, unseen, unheard, A silent power, by all revered.

So thank you, friend, for all you do, This poem's just a glimpse, a "thank you" too. For in this chaos, you're the key, The vital spark, the Administative Assistant we see!