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VIDEO: Car dealing firm Carcarbaba debuts in Rwanda


Wuling manufacturer’s plant

Chinese-owned car dealing firm, Carcarbaba on Wednesday, January 26, launched its operations in Kigali. 

Carcarbaba will represent two leading Chinese brands DONGFENG and WULING which are often referred to as China magic vehicles, and both automotive manufacturers are the main leading in car marketing services in the People’s Republic of China.


The car dealing firm was initially established in Rwanda in 2021 with the aim of building localized car sales and services networks in Africa offering various ranges of brands.

According to Nick Duan, the Managing Director of Carcarbaba Rwanda, setting footprints in Rwanda aims at sharing Chinese good quality of cars to Rwandan consumers and Africans at large.

“As many of you know, since a couple of years ago, Chinese brands have transformed to good quality, attractive designs, good performance and reliability and hence, we want to bring those brands here, so that customers can benefit from good quality and reliability at affordable prices,” he said.  

Dongfeng manufacturer’s plant

Unlike other car dealers, the uniqueness of Carcarbaba is the provision of enough spare parts and after-sale services after the delivery of the cars.

Ernest Bugingo, Sales Manager of Carcarbaba Rwanda is of the view that the new business will take in consideration the purchasing power and affordability of Rwandans.

“We have a lineup of affordable passenger, personal cars as well as big trucks from Chinese biggest automotive manufacturing firms, but the purchasing power of Rwandans will be considered to provide them access to reliable and good quality cars,” he noted.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, Carcarbaba will also cooperate with the well-known technical colleges IPRC in Rwanda to discuss automobile teaching courses, according to Fidele Mutaganira, the Industry Liaison Specialist at Rwanda Polytechnic who was representing IPRC Kigali during the launch.

“This particular industry will enhance the Competency Based Curriculum in schools because there will be a partnership where the industry will train students as well as teachers so as to promote automobile technology in schools”, he noted.  


As of now, Carcarbaba holds four brands from DONGFENG industry, and those are:

M3+ Which is a van with 11 seats and engine capacity 1.6 which is very easy for maintenance.

Rich 6 Pickup which is among the cars sold by Carcarbaba . / photo by Willy Mucyo


At the industry, you can also find Rich 6 which is a pickup, with a good logging capacity, having a 2.5 engine capacity and used for commercial purposes.

SX5, is another Sports Utility Vehicle with 5 seats and 1.6 capacity engine which is often used as a family car.

The company also trades the famous T5 EVO brand which is new in Kigali and well designed with a very recent engine (MITSUBISHI 4A95TD) being installed in recent cars.


Also present are Wuling branded cars including a Cargo Minivan and a Passenger Minivan that can carry up to 11 people. They all have 1.5 engine capacity and Minitracks, with an engine of 1.8.

DONGFENG and WULING are the two good exemplary companies of Chinese brands that have gained recognition in Chinese consumers.

In their environmentally friendly approach, Carcarbaba plans to introduce existing electric MPV, electric SUV, sightseeing vehicle, golf cart, new energy truck, new energy motorcycle and other electric vehicles as part of their energy to fight against environmental degradation.

Currently, China has the ability to export large-scale industrial technology. In recent years, Chinese automobile brands are going to southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and many other countries and regions, and the market share is constantly increasing, competing with other well-known international brands.

Recall that the automobile industry plays an important role in accelerating Rwanda's industrialization process, promoting the innovative development of manufacturing industry, increasing employment and promoting consumption upgrading.

T5 EVO from Carcarbaba photo by Willy Mucyo

Wuling stake truck Photo by Willy Mucyo

Wuling Van passenger


Masuma Spare parts

Fidele Mutaganira who was representing IPRC Kigali in the ceremony

Ernest Bugingo Carcarbaba Rwanda Sales Manager

Cutting the ribbon during the event

Dignitaries pose for a group photo

Nick Duan, Managing Director of Carcarbaba Rwanda

T5 EVO Photo by Willy Mucyo


Reprinted from THE NEW TIMES: