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About Wuling

About Wuling

Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co. Ltd

Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (Wuling Automobile Industry Company for short) was established in 2007. It is a large-scale Sino-foreign joint venture jointly established by Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. and Wuling Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (HK0305), a listed company in Hong Kong, with total assets of 98.28. 100 million yuan.
Business Introduction
The company has rich experience in automobile design and manufacturing in Wuling's nearly three outdoor areas; it focuses on the goal of economical automobile business, focus and vehicle manufacturers. The largest mini-car manufacturer in China-a strategic partner of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., the company's business has achieved good synergy with the rapid development of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., in research, supporting, resource integration and brand building Shanghai has established a complete industrial chain, giving full play to its large-scale advantages; at the same time, with the formation of Wuling’s economic advantages, the company and SAIC have jointly formed the brand, branding and the value and influence of the GM Wuling brand, and combined with Wuling The brand influence of Ling brand has formed the core figure of the enterprise. The industrial company's ability to achieve operating income of 116.57 in 2012. The company's leading products and production capacity are: the annual production of 800,000 units in automobile manufacturing; the annual supporting capacity of 1.5 million units in front and rear axles, comprehensive punching and welding parts, knowledge, instrument panels, etc., and the annual production capacity of complete vehicles up to 8 laps.
Fund Guarantee
The company will assist the advantages of Hong Kong’s auxiliary overseas financing platform, provide guarantee for the development of Wuling technology, integrate innovation and collaborative resources, open up the market, develop the coordinated development of the main business, entrepreneurship, and automobile, in order to build the company into an independent and independent Innovative capabilities and market competitive advantages, domestic and international first-class and international auto companies that occupy a certain strength in the industry chain are working hard.
Production Base
The company has production bases in Liuzhou and Qingdao, and has established a standard production capacity of 1.3 million sets of small, 800,000 automobile engines and 50,000 complete vehicles annually. In 2011, the operating income reached 11.6 billion, and the three main businesses achieved rapid development.

Technical Skills
Vehicle integrated design and development capabilities
Possesses the ability to design and develop new vehicles, including styling, general layout, body, chassis, electrical, accessories, three-electricity and performance.
Modeling design and development capabilities
A complete modeling development system has been established, with capabilities such as sketch and rendering design, CAS surface data design, and A surface data design. At the same time, it can carry out sludge model processing, scanning, and reverse engineering.

Parts and chassis design and development capabilities
A complete product development process for chassis parts has been established, with positive independent design, analysis, and verification capabilities, and its products cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles.

Parts and body design and development capabilities
Possesses simultaneous development capabilities such as structural design and optimization of parts and body products, process design and optimization, and performance CAE analysis; possesses mold design capabilities such as CAE analysis of stamping formability, mold structure design, etc.; possesses platform-based high-speed roll bed automatic welding line and platform Standardized turntable automatic production line, automated multi-station stamping solutions, large-tonnage stamping automation serial line solutions and other production line integration capabilities; with stamping automation simulation analysis, production line automation virtual simulation, offline programming and other virtual simulation capabilities.

Test and verify ability
The technical center laboratory has built 7 professional laboratories, including vehicle performance and durability laboratory, power battery laboratory, motor laboratory, three-electricity joint adjustment laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, chassis laboratory, and body laboratory. 169 sets (sets) of professional R&D instruments and equipment for complete vehicles and parts. It can independently carry out the simulation, matching and test test of the key components of the whole vehicle and the new energy vehicle such as the whole vehicle and the battery system, the electromechanical coupling drive system, the whole vehicle electronic control system, etc., which can meet the requirements of the integration of conventional vehicles and new energy vehicles. Tests on vehicle dynamics, braking, economy, NVH, road durability, bench durability, etc. 9 major categories of key components have obtained the SGMW test capability approval certificate, and have successively obtained the test capability approval of the corresponding products supplied by customers such as Dongfeng Xiaokang, Lifan, Geely, Great Wall, Guangzhou Automobile, Beiqi Foton and other customers.

Business Development
The company's vehicle business has grown from scratch. Products such as Wuling Weiwei sightseeing car, Wuling minibus, Wuling school bus, and Wuling mobile police workstation have become star products on the market. The Wuling Electric Cangzha Transporter was officially launched in China in November 2010, setting a precedent for the sales of new energy vehicles in Guangxi. As the largest automobile manufacturing base in Southwest China, Wulingliu is the largest mini-car production base in China under its jurisdiction, including axle factory, labyrinth factory, stamping and welding parts factory, body accessories factory, plastic parts factory, and seat factory. The theme of "High Quality, Multi-Experiment, Wide Series". Product system, gasoline engines, diesel engines, general power machinery and their supporting products have nearly 3 million units in the market, including more than a dozen products "national inspection-free products."

Facing the future, Wuling Industrial Company is market-oriented, through technological innovation, product innovation, and management innovation, and the main business, engine, and complete machine coordinated development. The company will surely become an enterprise with good independent capability and independent market. Competitive advantage, a domestic and international automobile company with a certain strength in the international industrial chain!