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General Questions

Where is Carcarbaba located?
Carcarbaba is founded in Kigali, Rwanda and focused on serving customers in African market.
Where are your cars located?
Most of cars we sell currently are located in China. But we have plan to ship cars and car parts to certain African countries and sell locally in the near future.
What car brands do you sell?
We currently are focused on selling cars(used and new cars) made in Asia, say China, Japan and Korea, etc. That being said, we also sell car brands that have assembly plants in Asia such as Ford, GM, etc.
Do you only sell online?
We sell cars and car parts online and offline.
Through our online platform,, we sell cars and car parts to all African buyers.
In addition to that, we will be launching local car dealerships in certain African countries so our customers can buy cars from our local dealership and enjoy repair and maintenance services.
What types of cars do you sell?
We sell cars of almost all body types that include cars, buses, trucks and machineries including bulldozer, forklift, crane, excavator and so forth.
Do you sell Right Hand Drive(RHD) cars?
Most cars we sell are Left Hand Drive cars(LHD). However, we may have few RHD cars for sale from time to time.
Does the car price include shipping cost?
No. Car prices listed on our website are only under FOB incoterm. That being said, it does not include ocean freight and other shipping related charges.
Please select the shipping type you want. Some shipping type may have extra charge at destination port. (Ro-Ro/Container/Consolidation). For more detail, contact us and we will send you final quotation of shipping to your designated port.
Does the price include customs and duties?
No. The price does not include your country's duty and taxes, if applicable. You must clear customs by paying the tax separately. Please check the details with your local customs clearing agency.
What is CIF and FOB?
CIF stands for (Cost + Insurance + Freight). It includes vehicle's purchase cost, marine insurance and shipping fees. FOB is shorthand for Free On Board. It is the price shown on the vehicle product page, as known as offshore price.


How can I make payment?
The order's full amount must be 100% completed through wire transfer(aka bank transfer, or T/T).We do not accept partial payment, credit card, nor paypal for car purchase.However, for spare parts purchase alone, credit card and paypal(or similar virtual payment methods) are accepted.
Do you accept local currency?
Unless specified otherwise, we only accept payment in USD and Euro Dollars at this point in time.
Can I add more vehicles after payment?
Yes. You can add more vehicles after the payment to your liking. You can discuss it with our staff. We will guide you on how much should be added and send you invoice of the extra charge.
Can I split the payment?
No. The full amount of a single invoice must be paid at one go. We do not accept partial payment.
What should I do if Carcarbaba hasn't received my payment even though I already made the payment?
In Most case, it is due to the money held by your bank. Find out the reason and ask your bank to remit fast. Misspelling of account’s name or number can cause the trouble. Or your bank might hold your money for their own reasons. We are not responsible for the item being sold out due to this kind of delaying receipt.
How will I know when my payment has been received by your bank account?
It is very important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order. Once the payment has been made, please send us proof of payment(normally a bank slip) .Once your payment is confirmed from our end, we will inform you by email and move forward.


How long does the car I purchase can arrive at my port?
The shipping time depends on several factors: Shipping method(Container or Ro-Ro vessel),Physical distance from POL(Port of Loading)to POD(Port of Discharge), Shipping carrier's schedule,etc. Normally it can take from 20 - 55 days for cars to reach designated port from port of loading. Carmuuv will always try to book the fastest available shipping schedule when payment is complete.
Does every car get inspected before they are shipped to me?
Yes. Every vehicle we sell must go through comprehensive inspection before we send it to designated port.
When will my cars be shipped?
The exact date of departure will be decided by shipping carrier's schedule and other factors such as when will car be ready, how far the port of loading is from the car's location, etc. Please wait to receive the departure and arrival date of your shipment from us. In some cases, we might contact you to provide further information before shipment .We will advise shipment details once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the shipping companies.
What is the information required for shipment?
There are three different information required to confirm shipment of your vehicle:
Consignee Address : Information of the person, shown on the shipping documents.
This is the person who will receive the vehicle.
Courier Address : Where shipping document will be sent.
Notify Party: Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your customs agent in most cases.
Once you have provided this information, we can plan for shipping your vehicle and let you know what the schedule will be.
What will I have to pay once I receive the vehicle?
Upon receiving the vehicle you will have to pay port clearing costs, import duties and taxes(if applicable), and any additional fees requested by your government to clear the vehicle. Please consult with local authorities or a customs agent for more details.
What is the customs clearance process?
Once the vehicle arrives at the port, it will be buyer's responsibility to conduct customs clearance. If you are not in a position to clear the vehicle by yourself, you can hire a local agent to perform customs clearance.
What is "RO-RO" shipment?
Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on - Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels where the vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them into and out of the ship, all vehicles are secured in their respective bays and are isolated from the elements during the sea passage. Such shipment is usually speedier and cheaper than container shipments. Ro-Ro shipments are not available for every destination.
What is "Container shipment"?
During container shipment, vehicles are loaded and fixed in a container (a big metal box of standard size). Shipment by container is very safe and covers almost all ocean ports in the world. It is usually more expensive and slower than Ro-Ro shipment.
As default, we provide quotations for shipments in 20 feet long containers. 40 feet containers are also available on request and might be convenient for purchases of multiple vehicles.
What is "Vanning"?
"Vanning" is the process of professionally loading and securing in place, vehicles inside a container to avoid damages in case of rough weather conditions during the transportation on the vessel.