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Activity Selection Rules

Empowered to Empower Campaign

We are excited to announce our upcoming campaign, "Empowered to Empower."

As part of this initiative, we encourage participants to share a poem and a picture that illustrate

how they have been empowered and how they are empowering others.

To ensure the quality and impact of these submissions, we have set the following guidelines:

    Truthful Reflection: The poem should reflect genuine experiences and emotions.

    Social Media Posting: The poem must be posted on the sender's social media account with the appropriate hashtags.

    Positive and Constructive: The poem should convey a positive and constructive message.

    Visual Representation: The submission should include a picture of the sender or their company logo.

    Length: The poem should be concise, ideally between 50-100 words.

Participants Rewarding/Prize

Empowered to Empower Campaign

  • Weekly prize: Give out three (3) weekly prizes to top participants
  • Monthly prize: Pick from the best/top Thirteen (13)participants
  • Final Prize: E.g. Fuel card, Hotel facilities, tours intensives, Insurance coverage,

    monthly internet provision; Shopping vouchers

  • Big Prize: Partial Ownership of a car for one year with insurance coverage
  • Voters Rewarding/Prizes: All voters shall receive a souvenir for the event it can be a well-designed pen or a 胸针