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How magical is Wuling? Many overseas media paid special visits to the site, and it was broadcast mor
I don't know if you have noticed. Recently, the foreign media have been paying attention to a Chinese automobile brand, and even traveled thousands of miles to visit the factory and release reports. Yes, this brand is Wuling. Before foreigners and even many domestic consumers, the impression of Wuling is "van professional", Wuling Hongguang is its signature, but with the improvement of people's consumption level, Wuling also began to focus on the boutique family car market, such as hongguang MINI EV, Wuling Vitory, are the brand upgrade sign. Next, let's take a look at what special attention wuling has received from foreign media.

In early April 2021, International Online organized a "Foreign Media Look at Liuzhou" event, attended by NHK, Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun, Canadian vlogger Kirk Apesland and British vlogger Lee John Barrett, who went into Liuzhou's Wuling headquarters. In addition, he has visited the production workshop of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, Wuling collision laboratory, noise elimination laboratory, etc.

After the end of the activity, these overseas media and video bloggers shared the experience of the visit to their own communication platform, but also let a lot of foreign users have a close understanding of Wuling. To take you one by one, a video of The Macro Light MINI EV by Canadian vlogger Kirk Apesland has been viewed more than 79,000 times and liked more than 2,500 times on YouTube, and overseas users went wild when he posted a price list for the Macro Light MINI EV. They thought the car was just a young man's dream.

As the world's largest financial information company, Bloomberg has long been a favorite among the global elite. Such a global company also brought a special report for Hongguang MINI EV in June, explaining in detail why the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV can become the best-selling new energy vehicle in China and even the world.

Sure enough, the video went viral, getting more than 420,000 views on Twitter alone, breaking Bloomberg's record for a single video. Many other overseas media also reprinted the news in large numbers, such as media star, Times Live, Business Standard and other media with the biggest influence in Southeast Asia, or financial media familiar to domestic consumers such as Caixin, Financial Times and Yahu, and even the official Chinese media "CNR.CN" also reprinted the news!

For a time, hongguang MINIEV and Wuling brand status in the international market has been promoted to a new height, but we all understand that Wuling in the recent decades has been very high reputation, can be said to be universally acclaimed. Why a new vans brand can have such a strong market performance? Investigate its reason, nothing more than is close to the people's price, excellent product quality, so that the majority of ordinary consumers got the greatest benefits.

In fact, Wuling now has such a great influence that it is far more than just making cars. It also bears a strong sense of social responsibility. At the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, China was short of mask resources, so Wuling introduced a mask production line and donated the first 40 million masks to the places in need. During the epidemic, people were quarantined at home and made their own contribution to the prevention and control work. Many people expressed their desire to eat snail noodle online. Wuling, as an enterprise based in Liuzhou, once again responded to the needs of the people and produced delicious snail noodle for everyone to enjoy.

Wuling has also launched "intelligent mobile temperature measurement vehicle" and "driverless disinfection vehicle" for use in Liuzhou city, which has built a high wall between the vast number of anti-epidemic soldiers and the virus, guaranteeing the life and health of the anti-epidemic soldiers. Therefore, the success of Wuling is inevitable, because it puts the country and people before the interests, puts the product quality above the price, is a reliable good brand!